Arimidex (Anastrozole)

Arimidex is a drug that is also known as Anastrozole. The drug has a lot of medicinal uses, with the most common and known use being the treatment of breast cancer. This oral drug has also been used as a vaccine against breast cancer especially among people who are more probable to have breast cancer. This drug acts an inhibitor of hormones in the body. In general, it prevents the body from producing estrogen thus putting a halt on all body functions that depend on the hormone.

Arimidex had been used for medicinal purposes since its approval in 1995. The World Health Organization ahs ranks this drug as one of the most beneficial and safe drugs in medical history. It is not a costly medication, and there are generic versions of the medicine that are fairly cheaper than the original. The use of Arimidex is most prevalent in the United States with a record prescription of two million people in 2016. The medicine is taken orally with the tablet of a single dosage being one milligram.

How it works

Studies have shown evidence that links hormones with the growth of cancer cells. Hormones are produced by hormonal glands. Hormones work by entering the blood and then bring their effects on different body organs. This is why experts have suggested that regulating hormone production in the body can help to deal with the growth of cancer cells. There are two ways that hormone production in the body can be controlled. The first way is to stop the production of the said hormone, while the other way would be to interfere with the hormone production in the area where the cancer cells are located.

Arimidex acts as a hormone inhibitor, and it is most commonly referred to as an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is an enzyme that is responsible for the production of estrogen, and it does this by converting adrenal gland hormones known as Androgens into estrogens. The enzyme aromatase is located in fat layers in the body, in the muscles and breasts. When the estrogen levels in these areas increase due to the presence of aromatase enzyme, the cancer cells are most likely to grow. Arimidex works by preventing the production of estrogen in the body, and it does this by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.

Medicinal Purpose

  • Treatment of early puberty

Due to the ability of this medicine to act as a hormone inhibitor, it can be used to treat early puberty, especially in boys. Early puberty in boys is a condition known as familial male-limited precocious puberty. This is where a boy as young as one year old can start showing signs of puberty. It can then be used together with other drugs to treat this condition. The most effective dosage that can be used in the treatment of early puberty is between 0.5 and 1 milligrams in a day.

  • Treatment of breast cancer

This medicine can also be used to treat breast cancer, and even in some cases, act as a preventive drug against breast cancer. A trial dubbed Arimidex, Tamoxifen, and Alone or in Combination proved the fact that this drug can help in dealing with breast cancer. This was after subjects who underwent the trial showed positive results after getting Arimidex treatment. It is most effective in treating breast cancer that is triggered by estrogen hormone due to its ability to be an anti-estrogen drug. By reducing the levels of estrogen hormone in the body, this drug can then lead to the slow growth or death of cancer cells in the breasts. It is also most effective in women who have already reached menopause.

Side effects

The side effects that come with the use of Arimidex are not very common, and there is a less than 10% chance that people who take medicine will experience side effects. However, some of the most prevalent side effects that can be experienced include depression, nausea, vomiting, rashes, headache, lack of sleep, back pain, pain in the bones and joints, coughing, skin problems, arthritis, pain spasms, and asthenia.

There are more serious side effects that can occur, and these include ulcers, allergies, and hepatitis as well as liver problems.

Precautions when taking Arimidex

  • It is important to tell the doctor or physician of any other drugs that you may be taking. This can be any drugs ranging from vitamins, herbs, and any other prescriptions.
  • It is proven that the use of Arimidex cannot go well if you take it simultaneously with some drugs. Ensure that you notify the physician or doctor if you are taking estrogen drugs, Tamoxifen, or any other medicine aimed at increasing hormone production.
  • Ensure that you also give an accurate account of the health conditions that you may have. This especially includes heart conditions because the drug increases the possibility of having cardiac and heart problems.
  • Ensure that you also check whether you are pregnant or not. This is because using Arimidex when pregnant can cause damage to the unborn baby.
  • It is also crucial to state whether you are breastfeeding or not. This is because the drug can go into breast milk and may affect the breastfeeding baby.

When to see a doctor

There are certain side effects that you may experience when taking the medicine that may require one to seek medical attention. Seeing the doctor is not limited to the below points as one should immediately see a doctor if they feel that the drug is doing them more harm than good.

  • Intense nausea
  • Pale and yellow skin and eyes
  • Numbing of the skin as well as tingling sensations on the skin
  • Prolonged vomiting
  • Vaginal bleeding


Arimidex is a medicine that is very beneficial as listed by the World Health Organization. The most common use of the drug is treating breast cancer. There are side effects associated with taking the drug, and one may need to consult a doctor if the side effects become severe. Its’ inhibiting property makes this drug a breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

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