Health Of Women Is Dependent Upon Health Of Society

When we talk of health in general, we always refer to the physical health. However the overall health of the person includes the mental and emotional health as well. Economic prosperity and education play an important role in making of a healthy individual. When it comes to the health of women and girls, there are many more factors that play vital role in shaping their health. The geographical location, state of the economy and nation as well as the local culture, moral and ethical standards and attitude of the family as well of the society determine the opportunities for better health and care for women and children. Though many argue that we have equality in our societies, gender bias has always existed and women have always been subjected to it.

The advances in health care and research has enabled us to eradicate some of the dreadful diseases like plague, malaria etc. Cancer treatment too has made it possible for patients to fight and overcome cancer successfully. HIV /AIDs is one of the major areas of concern where in the medical community is hopeful of being able to find effective cure and control.

When we talk of the health of women and girl child, we are not only talking of their nutritional needs and health care needs. The problems related to women’s health goes far beyond what we see and what is obvious. By and large women fall prey to HIV/AIDS and in many cases pass it on to their children as well. There are many reasons that are responsible for making women vulnerable to HIV infections. The socio economic conditions and hardships of societies in East Asia and in Africa force girls and women to enter into flesh trade and prostitution out of economic necessities. Lack of adequate awareness and education about safe sex and use of contraceptive devices exposes them to the risk of HIV with multiple sex partners. In African communities, teenage girls are exposed to pre marital sex as well as drug abuse and alcoholism. Therefore the cases of pre teen pregnancy as well as HIV/AIDS is very high amongst women in these sections of society. In countries where we find migrant labor, the women of the household tend to fall victims to AIDs brought about by their men from the cities they go to work.

In all these cases we find women vulnerable and not in control to make their choices. The external influences on their lives determine their health and exposes them to risks. An deeper understanding and study of the larger format of the community and society with its social and economic background needs to be understood and included in the reformation program to improve the health of women and girl child. Societies which are conservative and enforce strict moral and ethical standards and rules on its members is likely to provide a much safer environment for women from the risk of STD and HIV/AIDS. On the other hand the real reformation can take place only with the improvement of the societies and of women in terms of education, empowerment and development of social consciousness.